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Optimizing Returns During Bull Markets

Ingsai bot maximizes bullish market gains with advanced technology and 24/7 monitoring.

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Safeguarding assets in Bearish Markets

The Ingsai Bot protects assets and makes profits in bearish markets through market trend monitoring, avoiding trades in a downturn, and short selling.

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Trusted security​

The Ingsai Bot Safe Trading platform, which operates through an API, safeguards user funds by restricting withdrawal access and allowing only buying and selling transactions.

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Start Earning with 3 Step

With just 3 simple steps, you can begin earning money and achieving financial freedom. Don’t wait any longer, start taking action towards your financial goals today!


Register an account on Ingsai

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Deposit USDT to Ingsai

Deposit funds to Ingsai with USDT,So you can start to choose your trade strategy


Start Earning with Ingsai

Once you’ve selected your trading strategy, give it some time, and you’ll soon notice an increase in funds in your IngSai account.

Know more about the Ingsai bot

Ingsai Bot

Ingsai  Bot is an advanced quantitative AI robot that trades digital currencies in 0.05 seconds using cloud-based big data computing without manual intervention, making it a top choice for convenient and stress-free earning.

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“After using this platform, I can get earnings in minutes and spend time doing what I love.”

Alexander Gray

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What is Ingsai Finance Inc

Ingsai Finance Inc is a USA-based financial services company that specializes in high-frequency and algorithmic trading, as well as serves as a platform for a professional quantitative strategy community. Its quantitative trading strategy, developed in 2021, has demonstrated outstanding real-world market results. Beevor aims to secure funding and undergo a restructuring process in 2023 to introduce its flagship product, the Ingsai bot, which employs a high-frequency quantitative strategy.

What is Ingsai Bot

The Ingsai Bot is a highly advanced AI robot specializing in quantitative trading of digital currencies. It has earned a top-ranking in the industry due to its fully automatic operation, seamlessly integrating with mainstream digital currency platforms, and operating without the need for manual intervention.

Equipped with advanced core algorithms and intelligent quantitative technology, the Ingsai Bot utilizes cloud-based big data computing to execute trades at lightning-fast speeds of just 0.05 seconds. Moreover, it eliminates the emotional stress and fatigue often associated with market monitoring, making it a preferred choice for quantitative trading products.

Overall, the Ingsai Bot offers a hassle-free and efficient means of earning money while providing convenience and flexibility to its users.

How does Ingsai Bot Make Money

The Ingsai Bot utilizes various algorithms and techniques to generate profits in both bullish and bearish market conditions. In an upswing market, Ingsai Bot leverages tracking stop profit technology and around-the-clock market analysis to identify and sell at the highest point of profitability, allowing users to maximize their gains.

During a downturn, Ingsai Bot employs a conservative approach to safeguard user assets and ensure stable profits. By monitoring market trends and avoiding trades during market decline, or leveraging short-selling tactics to capitalize on downward market movements, Ingsai Bot helps users to minimize losses and preserve their assets.

Why Choose Ingsai Bot
  • Ingsai Bot uses the API interface provided by the exchange, ensuring that users’ funds remain secure and cannot be accessed.
  • The bot operates 24/7 on cloud servers and trades automatically based on pre-determined conditions, eliminating the need for constant market monitoring and yielding a daily income of 2-3%.
  • Ingsai Bot offers a range of built-in trading strategies, from conservative to aggressive, catering to various risk levels. It also intelligently allocates positions and conditions of each trade, adjusting based on real-time data.
  • The bot can monitor multiple currencies and execute strategies simultaneously, with independent threads for each variety, ensuring prompt trade execution.
  • Even novice digital asset traders can easily use Ingsai Bot with just one click. Users can set parameters, choose strategies, and start trading.
  • Ingsai Bot makes impartial and objective trading decisions, avoiding the influence of subjective emotions. It will only trade or close positions based on pre-set conditions.

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